Instantly create Connected teams.
Organize, manage, and engage members.
Complete activities, tasks, and projects of any size and scope. Communicate securely. Share feedback.

Be A Team.

Use our Teams Feature to build out your group, class, department, organization, or any collection of people. Teams are adaptable, scalable, and hierarchical. Teams can be any size and focus. Individuals can join different teams in different roles at any time.
TORBU Tablet Interface
TORBU Desktop Interface

Be Trusted.

TORBU centers on safe and easy interactions. Oversight is seamless. Teamspaces are transparent. Performance is measurable.

Be Productive.

Message. Schedule. Coordinate. Make adjustments according to timelines and feedback. Define and pursue common and individual goals.
TORBU Desktop Calendar Interface
TORBU Mobile Phone Interface

Be Encouraging.

Personal well-being fundamentally affects performance. Improve outlook, motivation, and accountability. Gain and nurture a sense of belonging.

Whoever You Are

Business Owner
Group Leader
‍Staff Assistant

Do Everything. Faster.

Manage people
Plan to-the-minute agendas
Coordinate focus groups
Organize product relationships
Share learning artifacts
‍Communicate with stakeholders
Deliver a personalized curriculum
Create and edit events
Build a team around one person
Send surveys
Record meeting notes