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The ideal student engagement system: TORBU enhances how students learn and interact across classrooms and activities.

Launch the future!

Transform activities, programs, and curricula with personalized instruction, social learning, and real-time feedback. Say goodbye to email chaos. Organize people and content seamlessly.

TORBU elevates learning experiences.

One-on-one support & mentoring, group discussion, Information storage, In-class notes, project-based learning, task management, and more!

Next generation learning now.

TORBU makes learning fun, dynamic, and modern.

Live Collaboration

Work in groups simultaneously or in real time.

Centralized Messaging

Empower easy, positive communication.

Notes & Whiteboards

Organize, plan, engage, and learn on dynamic pages.

Organized Workspaces

Effortlessly create and organize teams however you want.

Easy Setup & Onboarding

Onboard people individually or in groups, within seconds.

Administrative Oversight

Enhance supervision for team leaders at all levels.

Meet Sam's support network.

Sam navigates a busy day full of expectations and demands, entirely on TORBU. Josie, Steve, and Taylor use TORBU to contribute to Sam's success.
Sam collaborates with classmates on project-based learning assignments. He sets personal goals and makes detailed class notes. He models his understanding of lessons while managing commitments to the basketball team and school play. With each milestone that he attains, Sam grows in confidence.
Josie creates a personalized 1-on-1 collaboration for Sam to keep him on track. She runs group projects that emphasize team-building and deliver real-time feedback. Josie builds a trusted environment focused on student performance.
School Counselor
Football Coach
Coach & Parent
Steve, who is also Sam's dad, shares plays and practice plans with Sam. Recognizing how much parents value centralized information, he posts team expectations, schedules, and travel details. Steve helps Sam take on more responsibility.
Taylor monitors Sam's progress along with Josie's and Steve's contributions. She finds it easy to send words of encouragement to Sam. Taylor cultivates an outcome-driven culture, with cohesion and shared understandings.
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