TORBU delivers results.

Straightforward features tailored for learner engagement and organizational success.

Key Features

Achieve more together.

Instantly create teams to complete tasks, solve problems, and nurture innovation.
  • Work together on dynamic pages.
  • Save time using customized templates.
  • Build teams yourself and let others form them.

Communicate safely.

Empower positive communication, always stay in context.
  • Message directly from collaborations.
  • No need to send attachments, never lose files.
  • Supervisors can monitor conversations.

Explore new ideas.

Transform free-flowing thoughts and discussions into the next great achievement.
  • Design and sketch on digital whiteboards.
  • Transcribe spoken words using speech-to-text.
  • Store inspirations with text, images, and video.

Keep information in one place.

Ensure that everyone finds what they need when they need it.
  • Use collaborations to stay on topic.
  • Never misplace important updates, tasks, and files.
  • Form discovery trails by linking pages together.

Seamlessly onboard new members.

Whether you're a large organization or a small group, get started in seconds.
  • Enlist new members individually or in groups.
  • Email or message easy-to-use invite codes.
  • Orient members with your account's home page.

Maintain oversight and accountability.

Allow managers transparent insights into team members' work.
  • Assign leadership roles to users, as needed.
  • Give owners views into any activity in the account
  • Provide managers views into team productivity.

Get started for free.

TORBU is 100% free for up to 10 users. No caveats. No hidden fees.
Interested in bringing on more than 10 users? Call 860-248-6392 or message us.